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Brand new made-to-measure curtains can refresh the look of your windows but you may feel other parts of your room now need an update to match the new look of your windows.


Fitted Furniture Covers

Plumbs have been making fitted furniture covers for over 50 years, and it that time we’ve covered virtually all styles and brands of furniture.  One of the biggest benefits of Plumbs fitted furniture covers is you can create a brand new look without changing your sofa, and nearly all of Plumbs fabric are machine washable, meaning you can create a fresh new look time after time.

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Reupholstery is the intricate art of taking your furniture back to the frame and building to back upwards with brand new seat cushions and fabric.  This is great option if your furniture has any features such as button backs and wood work, as you can retain all these details, with a sofa that looks as good as new.


Dining Room Chairs

Our dining room furniture experience a lot of wear and tear so why not give it a brand new look.  Plumbs can reupholster your dining chairs, or provide fitted covers which can be removed and washed.

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Total Comfort Furniture

Plumbs Total Comfort Furniture range is hand built in Britain and available in 4 different styles each suited to different mobility needs. Each recliner can be made in the Plumbs fabric of your choice, and so can be co-ordinated with the rest of your room, perfectly.


Conservatory Furniture Covers

We can often be guilty of neglecting our conservatories, especially if they are in need of a little update.  Removable loose covers are a great option for conservatories furniture, as they can be washed and create a fresh new look.

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Soft Furnishing Accessories

Nothing finishes the look of a room more than the accessories. Plumbs have a huge range of scatter cushions, throws, anti macassars and arm covers to choose from.

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