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Curtains & Feng Shui can give you a better nights sleep

I read a great article here about how using Feng Shui in your bedroom can give you a better nights sleep. I've got to say, I am very sceptical when it comes to anything like this but I found some of the tips to be mainly common sense. I have however tried a few and something must've worked because my wife and I had the best nights sleep ever.

So if you find it difficult falling or staying asleep, waking up in the morning feeling uneasy or irritated then you might as well give some of these tips a try as you have nothing to lose. I think the most obvious tip and the one to have the most effect is this one:

"Cover windows with curtains so that you can have a cocoon-like feeling at night, and they'll keep the sunlight out in the morning. Being exposed to sunlight first thing in the morning is said to influence your serotonin levels and affect you for the rest of the day. Once you're ready to wake up, you can easily pull the curtains open and flood your room with natural light."

Happy Sleeping

Joanna Whitworth

Home Decor enthustiast and employee of Plumbs Loose Covers and Reupholstery.

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